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Windows linking dll error

Hello, I have worked extensively with openCV on my mac but I am having trouble installing it in windows. I am using visual studio 2013 as my IDE and trying to setup it up with openCV. I read this entire article and spent days trying to read up here and on Stack overflow to solve my error but am still stuck.

I have linked .lib files as referred to in the article but whenever I run my program, it says that it cant find the .dll's.

  • Why is it looking for libs? In the article above have we set up for static or dynamic linking?

I tried copying the required dll 's in the exe file of visual studio and it worked. But I dont want to do this for every project that I make hence I want it to be able to find the dll on its own.

  • I have included all the .lib files in the additional dependencies option in VS 2013. But what does it do(assuming we are doing dynamic linking here). Does it contain the address to .dll's(my best guess). In that case why cant it find dll's?

Thanks for your help.