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Failure to import cv2 in python : DLL load failed.

Two weeks ago, I built openCV-3.0.0, using Visual Studio 2013 x64 on Windows 7, with Python 3.4.3. I've copied cv2.pyd into the Python34\Lib\site-packages folder. It was working.

Today, when I typed import cv2, I was given this error message: ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.

I couldn't remember everything I did to my computer in the past two weeks, but I did remember I installed openSSH for windows. When I checked my path variable, surprisingly, there is only one entry left for this software. Apparently this software erase previously existing path variable entries. While I suspect this could be the cause of the problem, I couldn't solve it. I added the path to opencv binaries, and Windows\System32, Windows\SysWow64 back but they didn't help.

When I use dependency walker, I saw the same list of missing dlls as reported [here]. (, which, according to the original poster, was misleading.

Then I'm wondering : 1) Is it indeed the path variable that gave me problem? If so, how can I restore it? 2) Could it be something other than path variable? How then can I troubleshoot?