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Facial Recognition Speed

Hi guys,

I'm a bit of a noob with facial recognition, but have a question I was hoping someone could answer regarding speed.

If we take a database of 100,000 users, each with 1 photo (forward facing); how long will it take for the results to return?

I'm thinking of likeness based on 91-100% match and then 80-90%. This means there will be more than one result returned.

So, a user scans a photo into the database and gets returned, say, 5 images based on 91-100% match and then 10 images based on 81-90%

In terms of the server running these queries, the specs would be a quad core i7 with 16GB ram.

What I'm looking for are rough estimates i.e. will the response take seconds, minutes, hours etc.

I'm sure there's probably a few variables I've missed, but any help would be appreciated.