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Algorithms for eye gaze (eye-direction) in OPENCV

Hi all,

I need to implement algorithm for eye gaze to know the direction of eye using opencv ,

i have been struggling for one month to do it using viola-jones algorithm with training classifiers provided by opencv

in a first step i based my research starting with facedetection.cpp with xml's for face and eye , it can detect faces and eye just for < 1m but i haven't found a method to know the eye direction

Now after some research , i've found some algorithms for eye-gaze but i don't wich one to chooose in term of it simplicity (because i'm just a newbie) and efficiency :

  1. Distance-Threshold Algorithm
  2. Mean-Shift Algorithm
  3. Edge detetction ==> Hough Transformation
  4. the Longest Line Scanning
  5. Occluded Circular Edge Matching
  6. “one-circle” and "two-circle" algorithm
  7. Neural network based approaches
  8. principal component analysis (PCA).
  9. Starburst Algorithm
  10. Kalman filter
  11. Velocity Threshold Eye Movement Identification
  12. Active appearence model (AAM)
  13. CCL : Connected component labeling algorithm
  14. CCA : colonial competitive algorithm
  15. Blob detection
  16. Lucas Kanade

So what algorithm you recommended me , and if there is another algorithm algorithms that i haven't mentionned , i need also a comparaison between those algorithms but it must be someone experienced in this field NB : i'm using ubuntu 14.04 and developping with C++

Any help will be much appreciated , thanks :)