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Large Integer in cv::Mat

Hey, I'm a beginner in OpenCv, and i use Opencv2 API in C++. I want to create the distance map from a segmentation image. I use the Chamfer method described by Gunilla Borgefors in 'Distance Transformation In Digital Images' I have this in input image description And this in output image description As you can see, the distance map is smaller than the input image. I wanted normalize this image but it doesn't work because almost all the data is equal to 255. it's because processing wants put integer > 255 in the data of the cv::Mat, but this is not allowed, the integer is truncated and lot of my data become 255. How can i put long integer in the matrix, a normalize will rescale the data in the range 0-255 ? Sorry for my english, i hope you understand what i want mean. Thank you for your answers, Psykomusic