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opencv cannot access my webcam

Hi Everyone,

I have trouble with accesing webcam using opencv 2.4.3.

I googled almost everywhere but i can not solve my problem.

My System:

Hp Probook 4530s - HP Fixed HD Webcam

Ubuntu 12.10

OpenCV 2.4.3

İf I want to capture my built-in camera i get ERROR: capture is NULL

I'm using sample code.

I also tried with xawtv -hwscan using typing terminal. I get this output:

looking for available devices
port 129-144

type : Xvideo, image scaler
name : Intel(R) Textured Video`

/dev/video0: OK    
                 [ -device /dev/video0 ]
type : libv4l

name : HP HD Webcam [Fixed]

flags:  capture

then I can acces my webcam typing xawtv video0. I think I have no trouble with my webcam. I have trouble with opencv.

Please Help Me!

Because capturing webcam issue is important and urgent.

Any Help I will be appreciated