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Building OpenCV 3.0.0 with CUDA, GIG E Vision and QT support

Hi there. In my project, which runs on nVidia Jetson, I need these three things: CUDA for image processing, GIGE for connection to camera and QT for simple GUI. Problem with OpenCV in Jetpack is, that it is pre-built without QT. This is the reason I started with building it on my own.

I came along very annoying problem. I want to build OpenCV with CUDA, GIGE Vision and QT support, but I don't know how to do it. I finally managed to build OpenCV but without GIGE Vision support, which I want to use to connect to my Basler GIGE camera. Did anyone successfully built that?

I have Basler's SDK for ARM which has libraries and binaries, but I am not sure which ones should I include. I also don't know where to get PvAPI and OpenEXR if they are even needed.

Please help.

Thank you.