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change source and recompile

Hi I'd like to change the opencv source a bit and recompile (I'd like access to the hough transform 'accumulator' image, which I see in the modules/imgproc/hough.cpp source but isn't exposed). So what I did was make a copy of the function cv::HoughLines in hough.cpp , called it cv::HoughLinesWithAccumulator and made the corresponding definition in the imgproc.hpp file, then did a cmake which seemed to go ok (although there is some sort of download step, which I hope isn't somehow avoiding my changed code).
Hoping for a miracle (actually hoping for automatic wrapper-creation) I tried calling cv2.HoughLinesWithAccumulator instead of the working cv2.HoughLines call from my python code (which is where I've been using opencv for abt 1 yr) and as expected no such function exists in the opencv module. So I'm downloading a C++ IDE and will try to call my new func from there; if that works, then I'll try to figure out how the python wrappers get made, and add my new function there. Does this sound reasonable, are there some pitfalls and/or easier ways?