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Haar cascade classifier: types of object detection possible

I am a complete beginner to Computer Vision and object detection. I wanted to do a project on object detection and after going through Internet for a whole day, I found about OpenCV object detection API which is Haar Cascade classifier and many detailed walkthroughs to create your own trained classfier.

Now, at the end of the day, I want to ask the following:
When, you say "Object detection using Haar Cascade Classfier", do you mean that, it can be used to detect for example, all the cats of the world(of a single variety) or all the bananas of the world. I mean, can it detect a class of species or you are allowed to choose one object like your personal pen and that pen only and take 1000 pics of that pen in different orientations and finally train the classifier using these and be able to tell that its the pen.

In context to above, does IMAGENET challenge involves detecting "A class of any chosen object like Car" which will include all kinds of car that you have got?