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openCV missing bioinspired300d.lib etc

I am trying to load a project into visual studio 2013 which requires openCV as a library. The standard library is listed as a prerequisite, however it does not seem to contain the following:

opencv_bioinspired300d.lib opencv_contrib300d.lib opencv_cuda300d.lib opencv_cudaarithm300d.lib opencv_cudabgsegm300d.lib opencv_cudacodec300d.lib opencv_cudafeatures2d300d.lib opencv_cudafilters300d.lib opencv_cudaimgproc300d.lib opencv_cudaoptflow300d.lib opencv_cudastereo300d.lib opencv_cudawarping300d.lib opencv_legacy300d.lib opencv_nonfree300d.lib opencv_objdetect300d.lib opencv_optim300d.lib opencv_softcascade300d.lib

I have been trying to follow the instructions to compile openCV using cmake, however as the project only links to the 3.0.0beta download I wanted to make sure this was even necessary? The website does not say I need to do this.

Can anyone let me know which extra libraries I need to add for the above and maybe better instructions on how to compile it? Is there no way to avoid manually using cmake - some of the files dont even exist on the original web pages any more?