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Watershed. Basic question

Hello and thanks always for your help.

I have a question regarding the concept and application of watershed in OpenCV

So far I have tried several examples both the example in the opencv library as well as other. It seems the concept is:

1) First , mark several markers 2) Then apply the watershed function

However for it to work well I have to mark these markers or find them somehow. Now, let's say I have the following image description

(disregard, the duplicate, both images are the same)

In it you can see that I have the areas which are not background, and I want to use watershed to separate those areas. (the original image have some dark edges if that helps). If I erode these areas, they are still be connected right?

So what if I apply watershed then. I tried and I obtain the areas a one piece and not as separated objects.

My question is that if I have to find the markers other way, what good is the watershed then? I want to use watershed function precisely to separate these areas.

What I am doing wrong? Any advice on how to separate these areas??

Thanks a thousand