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Binary image object recognition


I want to detect and locate a pallet in an image. I have filtered the input image with a distance (3d picture) treshold resulting in a 2D binary image. The algorithm should be able to locate the position and orientation of the pallet. I already have tried a SurfFeatureDetector/SurfDescriptorExtractor/FlannBasedMatcher and OrbFeatureDetector/OrbDescriptorExtractor/BFMatcher but without succes. I noticed that I had not much keypoints (due to binary image ??? ) and the matching was wrong.

Do you have suggestions for the right approach finding the write algorithm that is:

  • Able to find orientation and position of a pallet
  • Able to find orientation and position of a pallet
  • Robust to noisy input image
  • Robust for missing a small regions of the pallet in the input image
  • (Able to find more than one pallet in the input image)

Object to be found :

image description

I noticed that without sufficient "white" surround the image no keypoints could be found in the object. I don't know why ?

Object with ORB keypoints : image description

I didn't test any algorithm with Hough finding lines and corners.

Thanks in advance