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video: the center for the improvement of humanfunctioning jogos de tiro international presents this lecture lecture that sort of thing im and thats thatalso you begin to have the inability to learnnew material you won't be able to sit down with thatIRS sport now what when you when you think a cognitionthat's kinda kinda babe word but what it is ourability to assimilate knowledge it's a the ability to now so a cognitivedecline is actually for the last couple where this and then out when you go to the next step fromdecline you actually up or look at the I'll what with term dementia and and when we talk todayabout the mention we're really gonna hot encompass all dimensions %uhalzheimer's disease is considered the most common form dementia in elderly um but it continuesto be sort of a diagnosis of exclusion up they actually look at the bright after somebody .