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Object recognition routines.

After writing several routines in C++ using SIFT and SURF and running examples found on websites, including yours, although they all run and "work" none do a good job of recognizing learned objects. Is there such a routine out there that does the following: Given a staged HD digital frame of an object (Called Object) with a distinct outline and unique features. Given a HD webcam. A Frame from the webcam (the Scene) is grabbed with the Object in the Scene. The Object is unobscured, " large enough", in a similar rotational position, The Object and the Object in the Scene are facing the camera similarly. The routine returns a indicator that gives the probability of the Object being in the Scene. The routine returns an indicator of the location of the Object in the scene. It must do it consistently without having to change parameters in the code. Is something like this available anywhere. I can't find or code it. Help, please.