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Is this working code for Convolutional Neural Networks in the OpenCV source?

Hello I have been trying to figure out how to use convolution neural networks over the past few days and I am having some trouble because of the limited documentation on it that I have found on the internet. I was sure opencv didnt have any classes that handled convolutional neural networks so I was trying to do research on them myself. Today I was looking through opencv source code, and in modules/ml/src there is a file called cnn.cpp. To my surprise the code looks like it is for convolutional neural networks (that and the comments in it say it is!). From what I see there is no documentation anywhere on this mysterious code so I was wondering if anyone knew if this was a working convolution neural network implementation? If so does it also handle backpropogation training? I have seen an opencv implementation of CNNs but it did not allow you to train the network. I am really interested in using a CNN so I would be willing to go through all the code myself to try make sense of it even without documentation I just am wondering if this code works? Thank you for any answers!