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standalone independant executable using code::blocks with Windows8


I have developed a c++ console application project with code::blocks in windows using OpenCV 2.4.9. I have built OpenCV using CMAKE (with the BUILD_SHARED_LIBS flag OFF). Regarding Code::blocks, I have downloaded and installed the IDE alone and then I have installed the MingW/Msys compiler.

The application runs normally in Debug and in Release modes. However, when I run the released "exe" it generates an error saying that a DLL is missing. Based on this, I came to the conclusion that the compiler was performing dynamic linking. I have looked everywhere in the code::blocks' GUI to see if there was an option that enables static linking but I did not succeed. I have also looked for help online (googled it) for 2 days but the solutions I have found did not work.

Please, does anyone know how to generate a standalone independant executable (that will work in another PC. i.e: static linking) of a project that uses OpenCV in code::blocks ?

Thank you for your help !