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Opencv and traincascade.exe

Looking for a simple/small example of creating the cascade.xml using the opencv_traincascade.exe and a corresponding vc++ example that will test the results.

I would need the positive, negative, and a few test images and create_sample and open_traincasde command to generate the cascade.

I tried may example from online but can't seem to get it all working together

I currently use the below I found on the web: c:\opencv2.2\bin\opencv_createsamples -data C:\working_haar_car\CarDataExt -info cars_info.txt -num 550 -vec cars.vec -w 48 -h 24

c:\opencv2.2\bin\opencv_traincascade.exe -data C:\working_haar_car\CarDataExt -vec cars.vec -bg bg.txt -numPos 500 -numNeg 500 -numStages 2 -w 48 -h 24 -featureType LBP

it generate the cascade.xml

but when I use the sample program:

C:\OpenCV2.2\samples\c\facedetect.exe --cascade=cascade.xml test_non1.jpg

the images show but the detection is all over the place.