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Opencv builds on lab computer, but not laptop.

I have been struggling to install opencv 2.4.8 on my own laptop, but managed to install it on a computer in my schools computer lab using the same procedure.

When I first ran make -j8 on my laptop, terminal returned an error saying that it could not find a library called eigen which I then downloaded and included on that particular files source path. Now I am having an issue where the make command finds the file, but can not read an identifier type ' numext'.

My professor thinks that this error may appear on my computer, but not on the lab computer because of a difference in cmake or xcode versions. So far only the cmake versions differ.

                      LAB                           LAPTOP

OS macosx 10.8.5 macosx 10.8.5 Java Version 1.6 1.8 Cmake Version 2.8-10 2.8-12 xcode version 5.0.2 (5A3005) 5.0.2(5A3005)

Any ideas on how I should go about trouble shooting this problem so that I can use opencv on my laptop?