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Errors displayed on logcat when running opencv sample projects

Hey all,

I downloaded the samples from OpenCV for Android and let them run in eclipse on a real device (Nexus 7). They all work fine, but when I'm looking at the LogCat log, I see ca 20 errors displayed for each frame. The log is filled with them. Although all the samples work, this irritates me and makes it hard to debug the code.

Here a screenshot of the log: screenshot of logcat while running android OpenCV samples

Does anyone know where these errors come from and what they mean? Should I worry about them, if no: can I somehow hide them? if yes: what to do?

Another question: I get, when running the JavaCameraView idle (Sample CameraPreview) only 15fps max. This is few, isn't it? Or is this always like this when using OpenCV with Java (over JNI) instead of c++?

Thanks in advance for any hints! Isa