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Camera calibration procedure using 3d object

Hi all,

I am looking for stereo calibration procedure for vision setup and is used for making measurements accurately.

Though Opencv calibration procedure would provide all calibration data, it requires to have different poses of the calibration pattern(checker board).

To reduce complexity and time required for the calibration procedure, I would need a calibration setup/procedure which would just require a pair of views (1 from left camera and 1 from right camera) of single static scene.

Google references, gave me hint that it should be possible, but would require a accurate 3D calibration object (2 or 3 chess board patterns, placed in a planes orthogonal to each other), which is fine.

I not yet an expert :) to design my 3D calibration procedure from scratch.

Would like to achieve the following

1) good accuracy of all distortion, intrinsic & extrinsic, as this would be use for measurement analysis.

2) calibration procedure to be as simple as possible and automated, carried out under controlled environment.

3) using opencv apis to achieve the above.

So kindly provide some pointers to be stay in right track.