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Help on performing undistortion on range image of a time of flight camera

hey all,

I'm receiving depth images of a tof camera via matlab. the delivered drivers of the tof camera to compute x,y,z coordinates out of the depth image are using opencv function, which are implemented in matlab via mex-files.

But later on I can't use those drivers anymore nor use opencv functions, therefore I need to implement the 2d to 3d mapping on my own including the compensation of radial distortion. I already got hold of the camera parameters and the computation of the x,y,z coordinates of each pixel of the depth image is working. Until now I am solving the implicit equations of the undistortion via the newton method (which isn't really fast...). But I want to implement the undistortion of the opencv function.

... and there is my problem: I dont really understand it and I hope you can help me out there. how is it actually working? I tried to search through the forum, but havent found any useful threads concerning this case.

Best wishes!