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Installing OpenCV with Anaconda on OS X


I have tried to install OpenCV multiple times over the past couple of days, via both homebrew and from source. I have tried following recipes such as the following, all to no avail.

No matter what I seem to do, I seem to segfault (segmentation fault 11) whenever I try to import OpenCV in python.

I have:

  • OS X 10.9.1
  • conda 3.0.3
  • Python 2.7.6 :: Anaconda 1.9.0 (x86_64)
  • the command line tools for OS X, including gcc, etc.
  • cmake (might be the homebrew version) -- unclear if that matters

I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations as to how to determine where the error is (as a segmentation fault is not a very instructive error), and then how to go about correcting it.