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OpenCv mpeg-2 video decoding without ffmpeg (help!)

Hi community, I am trying to video-decode an mpeg-2 file without using ffmpeg, on a Linux Ubuntu12.04 box that is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 graphic card. And I have a couple of questions I'd really appreciate help on. So in all the following, suppose I build OpenCV-2.4.8 with '-D WITH_FFMPEG=OFF'

  1. Is anybody familiar with 'Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix' (VDPAU) from NVIDIA? Would that be a route to try?
  2. How about PureVideo from Nvidia, would it be a route on Linux?
  3. What are my options to decode mpeg-2 on Linux using an NVIDIA graphic card (without using ffmpeg)?

    Thank you for helping