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Run failed


I am using windows 8 OS. My system is 32 bit OS x64 Processor.

I have installed Netbeans 7.4, opencv2.4.6 and Mingw installer. When i create a normal c++ programs in netbeans i can successfully build and run the program and the output exe file in the netbeans project folder can be opened.

But when i write a opencv c++ program i can build the program succefully but cannot run. When i am trying to open the output exe file it says the "The application cannot start correctly (0x0000142)." I have used MinGW compiler and i have set the environment variable to D:\opencv\build\x86\mingw\bin and D:\opencv\build\x86\mingw\lib and all other necessary files. I am unable to specifically run opencv program.

Can anyboody help please. I have searched through many websites but in vain.