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How install OpenCV in osx 10.9 Maverick

I doing this

tar xvzf opencv- * Navigate to extracted folder `cd path/to/folder` * Create a build directory and build opencv with the following commands mkdir build cd build cmake -G "Unix Makefiles"... * Make and install make -j8 sudo make install ```

Set up an OpenCV project in XCode

  • Start XCode
  • Create new "Command Line Tool" project with type C++ screenshot

  • Add OpenCV to your project

  • Right click your project on the sidebar, select "Add files to..." screenshot
  • When the file chooser dialog opens up, press cmd + shift + G and enter "/usr/local/lib" screenshot
  • Select the required OpenCV files (named in the format libopencv_*.dylib), or select all. Press Add or Return screenshot
  • You will see that all selected files are now in the sidebar. You can youp them together by creating a new _Group_ and dragging the files in there. screenshot
  • Configure your project
  • Click on the project (in the side bar), and you should see the Project settings come up in the middle of the editor
  • Click the All view (top left corner)
  • In the search bar type "Header Search Paths", double click the value, remove the existing entries and add /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include screenshot
  • Now search for "Library Search Paths" and replace the values with /usr/local/lib
  • Search for "C++ Standard Library" and select "libstdc++ (GNU C++ Standard Library)" screenshot
  • Try the configuration
  • Run one of the sample OpenCV projects

When I try compiling always showing an error

clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)