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How to enforce planarity for keypoints when matching an image to a collection


This is a practical question about geometry verification when matching a collection of images to an input image. I have a collection of images of an object taken from various viewpoints and an input image of the same object. Now, I would like to find the image from my collection which best match the input knowing that my object is a plan.

So, I match the features from my input to the features of my collection, image by image. Then for each set of match, I search for the homography that has most inliers. The problem is that this is getting really slow when the collection size goes up.

Should I search for an homography for each pair of images (collection/input) or should I merge all the matches and try to find an homography in there ? Is there a way in the findHomography function to change the RANSAC settings ?

Hope someone will be able to help.

Best regards,

Guido Manfredi