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libnative_camera compilation

I am trying to build libnative_camera*.so locally on my own machine because the info-level logs in modules/androidcamera/camera_wrapper/camera_wrapper.cpp pollutes logcat.

I guess some of us might be interested in seeing the FPS during initial tests, but in a production build this turns out to be a problem. I have tried using to compile these but I am unable to build these libraries on my own computer.

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 (in a virtual machine), and have done: export ANDROID_STUB_ROOT=~/android_sources/

which is where I have the source code for Android downloaded from

Does anyone know how I can go about building these libraries from scratch, or perhaps where I could get libnative_camera_*.so without the "LOGI("### Camera FPS ### [%d] Frames, %.2f FPS", mFrameCount, mFps);"?

Thanks, Arvind