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result coordinate type

I have been making intersection point calculations between parametric line eqs and planes in opencv. I am using raw imaging point data for the math calculations below. What units of measurement are my results? I haven't done a opencv Rodriquez, transformation or other function on this data set yet, otherwise the question would be settled.

I've also tried "converting" to U, V coordinates but am unsure if its correct.

double numer = plane.get_numer(d, n, Ro); // origin point - p - see diagram 
double denom = plane.get_denom(n, Rd);
double t = numer / denom;
Vec3d IP = plane.get_IP(Ro, Rd, t); // IP = 'intersection point'
double U = CV_FX * IP[0] + CV_CX;
double V = CV_FY * IP[1] + CV_CY;
std::cout << "U,V = " << U << "," << V << std::endl;