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accelerate OpenCV functions on gpu through CUDA

Dear all,

I'm working on an image procession python algorithm using openCV. Since I have a lot of images to proccess, I'm trying to accelerate it on a NVIDIA Jetson card using CUDA. During the last two months, I've tried many and many different solutions found on the Internet.

The best solution I've found is to translate my python algorithm in c++, and then use the accelerated functions provided in cv::cuda.

Is it the fastest solution ??

But I still need to accelerate functions (as cv::undistort tody, but it could be others in a near future).

How could I accelerate Opencv functions using CUDA ??

I'm actually working on building my own accelerate version of the undistort function from source code, but it is more complex than I though

How can I easily build an opencv function after modification ??