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Regarding the availability of tracking water projectile motion

Hi, I have no previous experience with OpenCV, but before I get started on the project, I just wanted to ask about the availability of OpenCV. What I want to achieve is the following.

Assuming a smartphone camera is fixed and is recording a fixed water gun from the side. The water comes out of this water gun, and I want to track 1. The shape of the trajectory (I just need to distinguish whether it's drawing a clear trajectory or leaking from the water gun, thus just dropping at the start position). 2. The time and distance that water has traveled. (I believe as long as I can detect the water movement, this should be possible). I'm just not sure if OpenCV is capable of detecting such a move from the beginning to the end. I've done my research shortly and it seems that OpenCV is definitely capable of capturing the projectile motion of a ball, which is a big object.

Please let me know if my question isn't clear enough. Thanks a lot!