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About calling the function "displayoverlay" of opencv in Visual Studio 2015

Hi, everyone. Recently I am trying to run the sample code of Qt New Function in Visual Studio 2015 (Hereinafter referred to as VS2015). Now I have successfully run lots of opencv project with VS2015. And then I saw the interesting and powerful UI widget Qt. According to my apprehension, I think this widget can turn my UI into the one the link below shows. (Although now I really doubt if I am right...)

I'm sure now I have installed the Qt properly and I can open a Qt project in VS2015. But when I run the sample code in the link above, the debugger keep popping out error message "The library is compiled without QT support".

Now I think maybe I should compile and build opencv myself with Qt and then import it to my VS project. Is that right? If so, how can I do that ? Could somebody please help me as I'm actually quite unfamiliar with these things...