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How to use CV_FOURCC in version 4.1.0?

Hi, i am new with openCV. i'm trying to paste a code snippet from old versions. But i get lots of error.

 VideoWriter parlakVideo("videoParlak.avi", CV_FOURCC(‘M’, ‘P’, ‘4’, ‘2’), 20, boyut, true);
VideoWriter karanlikVideo("videoKaranlik.avi", CV_FOURCC(‘M’, ‘P’, ‘4’, ‘2’), 20, boyut, true);

here is my try:

VideoWriter parlakVideo("video.wmv", VideoWriter::fourcc ((‘M’, ‘P’, ‘4’, ‘2’), 20, boyut, true);
VideoWriter karanlikVideo("video.wmv", VideoWriter::fourcc((‘M’, ‘P’, ‘4’, ‘2’), 20, boyut, true);