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Image classification in video stream with contours

Please I need your help with this problem, I want to create a program to differentiate between the two forms(2 images), with a camera in real time, here are the methods. I found but I’m not sure they’re going to work because I want the detection to be feasible if the object is inclined by 90 degrees or 180 degrees by example, I have to use machine learning in this problem but I am open to any proposition, also I do not have many images in the database.

Here are the methods I found but I'm not sure they will work;

1 - Apply Canny filter to extract contours.

2 - Use a features extractors such SIFT, Fourier Descriptors, Haralick's Features, Hough Transform to extract more details which could be summarised in a short vector.

3-Then train SVM or ANN with this vector.

image description

image description

Also the backgroud of the image can change.

And thank you.