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color detection in different background of human machine interface

Now I want to use a camera to help me look at the human-machine interface of plc so I can fool around during working.

When I do a little test, I use InRange function to detect some yellow color in HSV color space in (H,S,V)=(10,45,150)~(30,255,255)

at first, everything is fine.

image descriptionimage description

However, if I want to change the background to other colors, all things go wrong. I change to a slightly yellow background and the colors go wired and the HSV range does not work for now.

image description

image description

and green background, you can see that the color of the lights changed.

image description

I think this is a white-balance issue so I try to write a white balance algorithm such as gray world white balance but It didn't help this situation. I also disable the white balance of my camera but the color shifting is still there. what kind of keyword I can search for this problem?

image description