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Conversion from BGR to YUV for Nvidia encoder SDK

Hi, I am a beginner at OpenCV so, I request you to explain in a very simple way. Here is my code using which I am trying to convert BGR to YUV 444 packed format and writing to a file.

cv::cuda::GpuMat yuvFrame(height, width, CV_8UC3)

cv::cuda::cvtColor(bgrFrame, yuvFrame, cv::COLOR_BGR2YUV);;

fwrite(, 1, width * height * 3, fileWriter);

In COLOR_BGR2YUV, the YUV format is packed YUV 444. I want an output format which is compatible with Nvidia Encoder SDK. When I try to use the YV12 - COLOR_BGR2YUV_YV12 or IYUV - COLOR_BGR2YUV_IYUV, the cvtColor function is giving me some memory exception error (do I need to initialize that GpuMat in a different way? Any code snippet would be helpful).

I could not find conversions from BGR to any of ARGB, ABGR, YUV420, NV12, YUV444 Planar - which are also supported by Nvidia SDK.