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opencv-master-4.0.1 cmake with tesseract on windows 10


After unsuccesful attempts to build leptonica+tesseract with codeblocks(mingw 64bit) I used MS Visual Studo 15 2017 Win64 and finally was successful. I created


and copied

F:\leptonica-1.74.4\src\*.h       to F:\tesseract-3.05.01\Files\leptonica\include\.
F:\leptonica-1.74.4\build\src\*.h to F:\tesseract-3.05.01\Files\leptonica\include\.

Now I have the required modules to build openvc with tesseract --- I thought...

Using F:/OpenCV-Source/opencv-master-4.0.1 I started CMAKE. After first Configure I added the following 3 entries

Tesseract_INCLUDE_DIR F:/tesseract-3.05.01/include 
Tesseract_LIBRARY     F:/tesseract-3.05.01/build/Release/tesseract305.lib
Lept_LIBRARY          F:/leptonica-1.74.4/build/src/Release/leptonica-1.74.4.lib

into the CMAKE window and started Configure again. However, I did not see any indication that tesseract is included in my build.

What am I doing wrong? How do I configure CMAKE to have tesseract included?

Basically I followed the answer in by strukmen

Thanks for hints Wolf