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Using GigE Cams with OpenCv

Has anyone already successfully used GigE Vision Cams together with OpenCV. I use OpenCV for the Edge detection. Now we have a photonfocus GIGE MV1 D1312 Color Model. The cam is shipped with the ebus SDK of Pleora with several samples. Because the use of the bayer pattern I have to use the Plearo own Image Format PVImage, which is retrieved from the buffer, then I convert the specific Image into an IPLImage. Even though I use the colored BG8 PVImage the retrieved IplImage is a Greyscaled one. So I have to use the cvconvert function to get a 3 Channel BGR Image. It seems that all this conversions and copies from buffers in images reduce the Speed of the cameras Image aquisisation. Has anyone a better walkthrough getting the Images as IPLImage

Regards Maik