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SVM Predict Slow

Hello all,

I am using a SVM in (what should be) a 30hz application using Ubuntu 10.4 and OpenCV 2.4. I need to do approximately 500 classifications per frame. Even using a linear SVM predict for all 500 samples is very slow for me. I have profiled that cv::SVM takes 75% of all computation time in my program, and it's only running at 17FPS. However only about 1.5 cores of my 4 core CPU are being utilised (running top gives 160%). Programs like GNU Parallel result in ~370% of my CPU being utilised.

My problem is that multithreading the SVM prediction does not give a performance boost. I have tried both the SVM predict API that uses cv::parallel_for, and the API which does not. Using 1 thread gives around 14FPS, using 2 threads gives around 17FPS, and using more still gives ~17FPS.

My Question: Why is the SVM prediction slow, and yet still only using less than half of my CPU cores? Why does manually multithreading and doing half the predictions between 2 threads give only a small speedup? Is the OpenCV SVM just not very fast and should I use another implementation?

Many thanks