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How to Show Facial Landmark Points in Android

Hello everyone, i am android developer today working on the research of facial recognition. I have done some experiment to show the facial landmark points over the face using Dlib. Adding some calculation on the program. For more information, i build the program over python and able to located the facial landmark in real-time. The result shown below. image description i'have been looking the answer by Shujaat Ali, he is able to show landmark points but do not mention the steps how to do.

My question is, how to implement OpenCV in android to show facial landmark points in real-time video? It is able or not? i have been looking the answer showed by dtdzung , but that was for images , not in real-time videos. That was very complex because using Dlib and i think can not be able to show the landmark in real-time. I hope to be able to get detailed steps for implementation on Android. Thanks