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display pose next to the the detetcted ArUco marker

Hi, I'm able to get pose of all the detected markers but i'm not able to display the pose of each marker respectively on the image.

        for i in range(0, self.ids.size):
            cv_image=aruco.drawAxis(cv_image, camera_matrix, camera_distortion, self.rvecs[i], self.tvecs[i], 10)
            #str_position = "trans"%((self.tvecs[i][0]))

            str_position = "MARKER Position x=%4.0f  y=%4.0f  z=%4.0f"%(self.tvecs[i][0][0], self.tvecs[i][0][1], self.tvecs[i][0][2])
            #cv2.putText(cv_image, str_position, (0, 100), font, 1, (0, 255, 0), 2, cv2.LINE_AA)
            cv2.putText(cv_image, "{:.2f}".format(str_position), (0,100), font, 4,(255,255,255), 2, cv2.LINE_AA)

        cv2.imshow("Image window", cv_image)

image description

So, anybody knows how to get the respective (x,y) position of the detected markers and then use cv2.putText?