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Need guidance getting started with Kinect V2 with OpenCV

Hello, I need guidance on how to use the Kinect V2 drivers with OpenCV. I have installed libfreenect2 for ubuntu 16.04 and the driver works without any errors. I executed ./Protonect and it worked like it was supposed to. I have looked online on how to get started but I get search results of other people's projects. I know it can be done but I do not know where to start.The overall goal for me is to use Kinect V2 with a Jetson TX1 on Ubuntu x64 v16.04 and program with python. I want use the Kinect V2 to read in colored cubes and then based on a selected color a mechanical claw/robot arm will pick up the colored cube. I have attached an image of my project for reference. If I can be pointed to some tutorials that would be awesome. I appreciate your guidance. Thank you :D