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Trichotillomania Help

I guess this is more of a request... or rather a call for help on a project I would like to initiate. And I am willing to work with anyone on this project.

I diagnosed myself with Trichotillomania, a mental disorder in which you have a compulsive desire to pull out hair. My case isn't too severe, but after doing some reading I have found that cases do get severe, to the point of losing most hair. It is a very embarrassing disorder. Any way here is a descriptive link:

I am a sophomore electrical engineering student, I have programming skills in python and C++ and computer vision is something that is very interesting to me. I am new to computer vision, but I do have some experience with image processing in MATLAB(pattern tracking).

What I plan to accomplish is develop a computer program that utilizes the web cam on a computer to look for when the user picks at their hair. I find that under stressful situations (during school work on a computer), I pick the most. When the computer notices the user is picking the computer could blast an annoying sound, or something else that the user would find unpleasant.

This may not be the best place for this, I couldn't find anything better. I understand if you cannot provide your support. My university has a good computer vision program and can seek help there.