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Plot angle vs intensity histogram from image center

Basically I'm selecting a circular area in the image(gray scale DFT image) where image center coordinates are the center of the circle.I want to plot angle vs intensity variation for the area covered by this circle.My idea is to use a virtual line through image center with the length of circle diameter and move by 1 degree and sum up total pixel intensity values covered by that line.Similar approach is mentioned in below links,



I would like to know is it possible to achieve such a thing using OpenCV + python (It seems not that easy)? Or is there any other approach for plotting angle vs intensity histogram through image center?

I was initially thinking to get logPolar transform of the image and access angle and intensity values from it.But i was not sure whether it was a possible approach since i couldn't even interpret logPolar transform output in an informative manner.(It just returns logploar transformed image, not angle and log magnitude vectors from the image center)

Any suggestions would be appreciated...