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measure of disparity


I'm studying in stereo vision using 2 webcams.

Now, I have some questions.

I want real depth(from webcams to object). So, I calibrated my webcams, then, I got disparity maps.

I use a formula that is depth = baseline * focal length / disparity

However, I got wrong depths.

So, here are some questions.

First, I think depth(cm) = baseline(cm)*focal length(pixel) / disparity(pixel) is right. I'm not quite sure that measure of disparity is pixel. I calibrate my webcams using by 1-inch chessboard(point to point = 1-inch). Then, the result of disparity is pixel or inch??

Next, I set a min disparity(4). It means that originally min disparity was increased. right? I think it can be affected to real depth. If so I would do not touch min disparity ...?