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record with desired fps

I am reading a video from a file (which later I'll replace with live video from a camera). I am using videocapture to read frames and videowriter to write to a file.

Now I want to write to file with a certain FPS(I am trying to make a timelapse video). Upon using FPS value of videowriter it just displays the same video with given FPS.

VideoWriter videoTimelapse;
    void recordTimelapse(Mat frame_timelapse)
    if (!videoTimelapse.isOpened())
{"/home/Anurag_Workspace/Timelapse_Video.avi",CV_FOURCC('M','J','P','G'),FPS_TIMELAPSE, Size(MAX_WIDTH,MAX_HEIGHT));

For eg. if I have a 1minute long video and FPS is set as 5, it just makes the video 4-5mins long and displays it with lower FPS( with almost same size on disk). Whereas I want it to read from videoCapture every .2 seconds and make a video out of that. Which should obviously be lower in size and length.

A videoCapture is running in a while(1) loop in main.c which sends the current frame to 4 functions, one of them is recordTimelapse.