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Best OpenCV build for Android/Tegra3


I'm writing an augmented reality application for the Tegra 3 Devkit (using OpenCV of course) as part of my bachelor thesis. I am running into some performance issues and before I try to optimize my code I would like to know if I'm using the most optimized build for the Tegra 3. For now I am simply using the latest available OpenCV4Android SDK which includes the OpenCV Manager and the OCV 2.4 pack armeabi-v7a. After doing some research on google I found out that there are optimizations for Tegra devices and cpu's with NEON technology. For example it is possible to build OpenCV4Android using a special build script for NEON enabled cpu's (

So, which build of OpenCV4Android is recommended when using a Tegra3 device? The latest release version with OpenCV Manager, the special build for NEON cpu's or some other build I haven't considered? I also read something about some Tegra3 optimized version of OpenCV which will be released as part of NVIDIA's Tegra Android Development Pack. Are there any news on that?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work, Morty