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opencv 3.4.1 error while get streaming from h264

I'm using visual studio 2015 for testing the code to get stream from rtsp, i have try to use capture.set(cv_cap_prop_frame_width); and capture.set(cv_cap_prop_frame_height ); however still getting the same error, the output size of the camera 1024*768 , bitrate 1000, encoder type h.264 base profile, encoder mode CBR. streaming rtsp:// i'm running out of solution to fix this, anyone please help me. thank you

Here are the error list:

  1. error while decoding MB 14 16
  2. P sub_mb_type 16 out of range at 62 25
  3. left block unavailable for requested intra4x4 mode -1
  4. cbp too large <3199971767> at 29 25
  5. mb_type 84 in P slice too large at 11 45
  6. out of range intra chroma pred mode
  7. negative number of zero coeffs at 14 35