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I want to contribute a code for facial landmark detection and head pose estimation to opencv

Hello community,

I have worked on facial landmark detection and head pose estimation, and have a working solution for it. I want it to be a part of open source community i.e. opencv.

Method used is supervised in nature (more particularly cascade of linear regressors). During training, I used some fast algebra library (armadillo on top of lapack and blas) for faster calculation of least squares. I used ibug-300 faces in the wild dataset (which consist of AFW, LFPW, HELEN, ibug databases) for training, and model seems to be performing fairly well.

Now, I have a trained model, and I can run the code without any external dependency apart from opencv. So, can I make it as a part of opencv community (I am referring to only detection part using pre-trained model that I trained, not training part) ??