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Stereo Calibration Not Working

So here's the problem: This is what the rectified images look like:

Right: image description

Left: image description

The original Images looked like:

Right: image description

Left: image description

Our calibration images can be found in the calibration folder in this github repository: 3d_Camera

The is the script we're using to calibrate on the left and right images in those folders (it also needs to be run in that folder). We're using the calibration methods specified in Daniel Lee's StereoVision Library and our calibration reprojection error with those images 286, which is very far from where we need it to be. We've gotten calibration down to 12px error with other calibration images (even though it seemed they were worse calibration images), but the warping still happens in the same way on the rectified images.

Our hardware setup is two raspberry pi cameras that are mounted 12 cm away from each other and oriented to be on the same plane and oriented the same way. They take images at separate times, but it's within a quarter of a second.

We're really struggling to figure out what's going wrong with this.

Any help would be appreciated with fixing these rectified images.

Thanks so much!