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Assertion Error in Kalman Filter python OpenCV 2.4.0

When I try to predict Kalman,

k = cv2.KalmanFilter(2,1,0)
c = np.array([(0.0),(0.0)]).reshape(2,1)
a = k.predict(c)

I am getting following Assertion Error.

error: /home/jay/Downloads/OpenCV-2.4.0/modules/core/src/matmul.cpp:711: error: (-215) type == B.type() && (type == CV_32FC1 || type == CV_64FC1 || type == CV_32FC2 || type == CV_64FC2) in function gemm

So, I added following line of code in OpenCV-2.4.0/modules/core/src/matmul.cpp and rebuilt it from the source.

printf("%d %d\n",type,B.type());

So, now it gives me output as,

5 5

0 6

Am I doing something wrong here ? What's the problem ?